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Take advantage of Africa’s US$ 313 billion food and beverage market! Get ready for THE retail-ready food and beverage event in Africa offering valuable leads, meaningful connections, and premium content.

Don't miss out on the pivotal connections awaiting your business at our event. Join industry leaders in the heart of Africa's $313 billion food and beverage market. Connect directly with buyers and retailers, establishing vital partnerships and agreements. This is your exclusive gateway to premium insights and unparalleled opportunities in the retail-ready sector. Grow your business by being part of the event that shapes success in the dynamic African market.

to exhibit in 2024


Meet thousands of buyers and decision makers from the region’s capital and consumer sectors

Position your

Capitalise on a US$1 trillion consumer market in Africa with fruitful trade partnerships

a route to market

Meet potential buyers, distributors, partners and agents that can help you sell into African markets

Engage with key
Industry Stakeholders

The event will help support the development of the sector to drive economic diversification after oil, gas and petrochemicals production.

Active buyers attend from
around the world

The sectors you play
in drive business.

Suppliers to the African food and beverage industry use Africa’s Big 7 to launch new products, promote and make sales to key decision makers and buyers, and to build long-lasting relationships and structure import and export deals. The exhibition spans the entire sector and presents an incredible variety of products and services, including:

Retail-ready Food

Fats & Oils / Dairy products / Meat & Poultry / Pulses / Grains & Cereals / Food processing / Power brands / Ready Meals / Food to go / Frozen & chilled products / Fish & Seafood / Fruit & vegetables / Grocery products / Sweets & confectionary


Dairy / Juice / Energy drinks / Cordials and concentrates / Water / Soft drinks / Coffee / Wine / Spirits / Beer / Tea / Health drinks

Technology Solutions

PoS / CRM / IT/software solutions / Logistics / Kitchen equipment / Cold chain / Packaging materials / Stock tracking / Packing and shelving solutions / Retail technology / Storage and warehousing / Packaging machinery / Refrigeration

Catering and Bulk

Fats and Oils / Bulk ingredients / Spices / Commodity Ingredients


Dairy / Flour / Bulk / Desserts / Grains

New Trends

Non-GMO / Plant based protein / Vegan / Health, Wellness and Free-form / Keto friendly

Why Africa is the perfect market for your brand?

  • THE MARKET: Its US$ 313 billion food and beverage market is projected to reach US$ 1 trillion by 2030.
  • JOBS & AGRICULTURE: 35 % of jobs in urban areas are in the food economy, 60% are in the restaurant sector.*
  • Currently, about 1.3 billion people live in Africa. By 2050, this number is expected to increase to about 2.5 billion.
  • The E-Commerce sector of the African food and beverage industry, sales growth from 2021 - 2025 is expected to average 18.19%. The expected growth would lead to a market volume of approximately €2.38 billion in 2025.
  • Africa’s food and beverage imports are projected to increase to about €92.41 billion per year by 2025.**