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One of the most important factors to running a successful restaurant is to ensure that you have exceptional waiting staffs that know exactly what they are doing.

From the second your guest sits down to the second you drop the bill the clock is ticking.

Your average guest has a hard time understanding that you also have other tables and can’t imagine why they would have to wait for anything, let alone their food to cook.

This is why we at The Restaurant Association of South Africa are here to ensure the satisfaction of your customer and the longevity of your restaurant.

We at RASA are not only here to provide you with benefits, but to provide you with services that can benefit your restaurant in the long haul.

Monday training: Waiter Training: 10am – 4pm
Tuesday training: Manager training: 10am – 4pm

NB: Please note, only 2 waiters per RASA member or the cost after is the following: R500 xcl VAT per waiter, R2,850 excl VAT per manager

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The 16 Key elements cover the following topics:

  1. The function of a Restaurant
  2. Types of Restaurants
  3. Staffing and Management
  4. Attributes of a Waiter
  5. Communication
  6. Handling Guest complaints
  7. Personal Hygiene
  8. Personal Grooming
  9. Restaurant Hygiene
  10. Cleaning the Restaurant
  11. Procedure for cleaning
  12. Greeting and Seating Guests
  13. Order Taking Procedure
  14. Present menu, order taking and presenting food
  15. Process Payments
  16. Guests’ Departure


The Management course covers the following topics:

  1. Management
  2. Duties and Responsibilities
  3. Management Attitude
  4. Rules Applying To Management
  5. Hints On Your Attitude
  6. Front Of House Managers Duties
  7. Three Commandments For Maximum Performance
  8. Management Shift Roster
  9. Front Of House Prep Sheet – Sample 1
  10. Front Of House Prep Sheet– Sample 2
  11. Front Of House Prep Sheet – Sample 3
  12. Managing Waitrons During Service
  13. General Pointers
  14. Leading And Guiding Waitrons
  15. Managers “PICK UP” Order For Waitron Staff
  16. Supporting Your Waitron Staff During Service
  17. Guiding New Waitrons
  18. Guiding Old Hands That Perform Well
  19. Incentives
  20. Reprimanding Staff In session
  21. Staff Turnover
  22. Monitoring Service (What to look for)
  23. Manners Of Waitrons AND Managers
  24. Complaints
  25. What To Look For During Service
  26. Waitron Application Form
  27. Interview Sheet
  28. Conclusion