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Mkhululi Silandela: How secure is our food?

Joining us for this week’s episode is Mkhululi Silandela,  Senior Manager for the Sustainable Agriculture & Smallholder-Support program at WWF-SA.

Mkhululi launched his career in the food & beverages industry, and later worked as the regional manager for Fairtrade Africa before Before joining WWF in 2012.

With a B.Sc. Honours in Agribusiness & international food-chain management from the Dronten University of Applied Sciences, The Netherlands; an MBA and a unique insight into African value chains and some of the most pressing local and global issues, it is evident that Mkhululi has a passion for food security and sustainability.

In this podcast Mkhululi talks about the program he’s involved with at WWF, which is working towards an inclusive regenerative agriculture & a food system which provides for people and gives back to nature. We also discussed the crises that we’re facing and the possible solutions to collectively overcome them. Mkhululi has such a depth of knowledge it was a privilege to site down with him, I hope you feel the same.

“We are not limited in terms of the solutions and communities, but I think we limit ourselves when we think individually.” – Mkhululi Silandela

Podcast 70 – Sipamandla Manqele: Let us be gracious and kind


February 17th 2020


This podcast is the next in the series that was recorded at the foodnext conference at the CTICC in September 2019.

This weeks guest, Sipamandla Manqele is a 28-year-old entrepreneur breaking fresh ground in the realm of agro-processing with her business, Local Village. She produces a variety of artisanal and organic foods and has built a compelling value proposition within a niche health market. Manqele’s business has been running for three years and has already proven itself a viable and valuable startup, providing employment and community growth.

Sipamandla has been named one of South Africas’ top 200 Young People to watch in 2019 by Mail and Guardian. She is inspired by the African continent, its diverse cultures and its quest for social and economic unity and wants to play a role in the implementation of free and fair trade across Africa.

I was very inspired by the powerful presence that Sipamandla carries and the strong leadership values that she exudes. I feel privileged to have had the opportunity to sit down with such a powerful young black woman and hear the way she thinks. Our conversation spanned many topics from gender parity to the lack of leadership in South Africa to Xenophobia and her views on some of the race issues we have in our country. Siphamandla has a refreshingly clear voice and is a true future leader in our country.




PODCAST 66 – Nicola Jenkin: Where does your food come from?


January 21st 2020

Nicola Jenkin has 20 years of experience working in the sustainability field with a particular focus on adding value to the supply chain, sustainable food systems, food waste, alien vegetation and forestry, ocean plastic, packaging and green skills. She holds a MEd in Environmental Education (Rhodes University); BSc (Hons) in Environmental & Geographical Science (University of Cape Town); and a BA in Geography and Anthropology (Rhodes University).

She is the founder of Pinpoint, which provides independent and advisory services. Nicola is a member of the UN’s One Planet Network’s Sustainable Food System’s Multi-Actor Committee and is currently advising the Consumer Goods Council of SA, and the Department of Trade & Industry, in the development of a Food Waste Voluntary Agreement for South Africa.

This was one of the most honest and refreshing conversations I have had on this podcast so far. We acknowledged that we are all in this together, we are all in the same situation and are constantly living a life of contradiction between wanting to live a life that is healthier for ourselves and the planet and the consumerist based rat race that most of us are part of. I loved Nicola’s unique perspective on working to solve many of the problems we face and drew a lot of inspiration from her wealth of knowledge.


January 21, 2020

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