Ultima Search is one of the leading companies in India in the field of comprehensive pest control solutions. This is in terms of a wide range of ready to use pest control products targeting a wide spectrum of household pests, as well as its presence in the Pest Control service sector. In fact Ultima Search is one of the few companies in India that offers a wide range of rodenticides as well as other household insecticides under one roof.


Ratol Paste

Ratol Paste is a First Generation Rodenticide containing elemental Phosphorus as its main active ingredient. SKU Available : 15 gms & 35 gms tube.



Ratol Granules

Ratol Granules is a fast acting Rodenticide containing Zinc Phosphide, that is ready to use and economical.
SKU Available : 50 gms sachets.





Ratol Cake

Ratol Cake is a third Generation Rodenticide containing Bromadialone on multi-grain bait with added sweetners and paraffin wax which is in a ready to use Block form. The relatively low toxicity of the formulation makes it safe for humans and other animals.
SKU Available : 25 gms, 50 gms, & 100 gms packets.





Ratol Glue Trap

A Specially designed Glue based boards for use in rodent management in varied environments ranging from Software industry to Corporates and Kitchens wherever poison shall pose a threat of application. It is Safe, easy to use, non-toxic method to control rodents.
SKU Available : Economy & Regular Packs.






Kokron Aerosol

A Multi-purpose Insect Killer. Suitable for all domestic pest problems like cockroaches, ants, bed bugs, spider, flies, mosquitoes etc. The toxin used in this product shall cause immediate knockdown of the pest.
SKU Available : 225 ml, 320 ml & 450 ml Can.






Kokron Insect Bait

Kokron Bait is a ready to use insect bait, containing Propoxur, used to control House Flies and Cockroaches.
SKU available : 10g, 25g packets and 25 kg drum.








Ratol CB

Ratol CB is a third Generation Rodenticide containing Bromodialone, is an economical option for large scale Rodent Control.
SKU Available : 5gm & 100 gm Packets.







Canon Smoke

Canon Smoke is a one of a kind self contained pesticide applicator. It uses smoke as a carrier to apply the pesticide uniformly.
SKU Available : 45 gm & 125 gm Tin







Kokron Super Gel

A Gel Bait having cockroach attractant which effectively kills the entire generation of cockroaches within a given premises in a day or two.
SKU available : 7 gm & 15 gm tubes and 35 gm reusable syringe.








Cytox is a Dustable powder formulation containing Cypermethrin which is a Contact poison. It affects the neurotransmitters triggering immediate knock down effect and in the long term, the death of the pest.
SKU available : 100 gm, 250 gm, 500 gm, 1 kg cartons & 25 kg HDPE woven bag.







Granol contains Ethylene Dichloride and Carbon Tetrachloride. Granol is a fumigant mixture for control of stored grain pests in small to medium size containers. As there is no residue left after treatment, the grains treated with Granol are completely safe for Humans.
SKU Available : 100 ml bottle.






Bug Stop Spray

Bug Stop spray contains natural oils and other additives, effective against Bed bugs. Bug stop provides immediate relief against Bed bugs and is completely safe for use to Human beings and pets.
SKU Available: 250 ml & 500 ml spray bottles.







Moschoo Spray

A Mosquito Repellent Room Spray has pleasant fragrance using natural essential oils protects from Mosquitoes and safeguards against Dengue, Malaria, Chikungunya. It is safe for children & pets. It does not contain any gas.
SKU Available: 50 ml & 100 ml spray bottles.






Moskmaar Incense Sticks

These Incense sticks have a significant Natural Essential Oils and protects from mosquito bites. It’s a herbal product having pleasant fragrance and is safe for children & pets.
SKU Available : 10 Sticks pack




Kokron Fly Ribbon

Non-toxic & environment friendly product containing powerful adhesive to grab the flies into the ribbon pulled out.
SKU Available : 1 blister card containing of 4 fly ribbons





Roach Repellent

A Herbal & fragrant cockroach Repellent Spray containing natural oils, renders relief from Cockroaches immediately after application.
SKU Available : 100 ml plastic bottles