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Halaal 21
23 – 25 AUGUST 2021 – DIGITAL EXPO


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All indicators point to the Halaal economy playing a significant role in global trade in the very near future.

Halaal‘21@ATW is Africa’s MUST-ATTEND hybrid event that provides the tools, insights and contacts for buyers and sellers shaping their commercial strategies for the in the South African and African Halaal economy.

Features include:

Product and services showcase
Thought-leadership conference
Training workshops and demonstrations
B2B networking and matchmaking

Buyers and sellers

Establishing a footprint
Affirming position

Address value chain challenges

Production lead times
Pricing structures
Economies of scale
Access: primary producers
Marketing and branding

Maintain Halaal compliance

Regulatory frameworks
Shariah compliance
Halaal Tayyib
Certification standards
Islamic finance


Halaal products and services have now evolved from an ‘exclusive, select’ marketplace to a global movement, for example many continental Halaal-conscious consumers, Muslim or not, are now opting for food and beverages specifically, that are Halaal certified, particularly amid growing health and hygiene concerns.

Despite a relatively small Muslim population, South Africa is set to  become a leading producer of Halaal products worldwide.  Being the largest exporter of Halaal product into Africa and recognised as the key gateway supplier to African Halaal markets, South Africa will no doubt be a material contributor to the global Halaal Economy. (Which is estimated to be worth $3.2 trillion by 2024, according to the Dubai Airport Freezone (DAFZA) 2021 Report).

There are a number of big projects underway which will further boost the  Africa’s Halaal industry.   South Africa boasts a comprehensive Halaal certification programme and about half of all retail food and beverage products are Halaal certified.



  • Certification bodies
  • Regulatory government authorities
  • Standards boards
  • Investment promotion agencies
  • Associations
  • Media

Sellers: exporters / manufacturers

  • Producers
  • Suppliers
  • Service providers
  • Manufacturers of the following Halaal products and services:


    • Food & beverage

    • Beauty & cosmetics

    • Healthcare & pharmaceuticals

    • Travel, tourism & hospitality

    • Modest fashion and apparel

    • Islamic banking & finance

Buyers: importers / resellers / agents

  • Procurement
  • Purchasing representatives, influencers
  • Agents and distributors representing some of Africa’s largest hotel chains
  • Global retailers to small independent stores



  • Educate market-players on local regulatory frameworks / certification requirements

  • Drive investment attract future opportunities to your region

  • Collaborate with global players to and drive the

Sellers: exporters / manufacturers

  • Meet new and existing customers, prospects, agents and distributors and access local, continental international Halaal markets

  • Share best export and distribution practices such as navigating the logistics and infrastructure landscape, certification requirements, buy-national regulations and exchange controls

  • Understand  the importance of and Halaal certification options: with both local and global recognition and compliance

Buyers: importers / resellers / agents

  • Identify global trends and see new product and service opportunities
  • Overcome or avoid barriers to trade: learn about the nuances in each market including import restrictions, duties, quotas and embargoes
  • Source products and services responsibly: from the latest sustainable agri /  aqua / organic produce, products and packaging, to ensuring that ethical, non-exploitative processes are adhered to.


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