Salmon reared in the fresh and clear waters of the Katse Dam reservoir in Lesotho are available to sample at the current Africa’s Big 7 event.

Three Streams is the company behind the foodstuff, which is sold across South Africa in Woolworths stores and is on the menu at many of the country’s leading hotels.

The company, which farms both salmon and trout, imports the eggs from abroad and then grows them to “fingerling” size – around 10cm.

They are then taken to Lesotho where they mature to the right size for the dinner table, before they are harvested and taken to the company’s smoking facilities in Franschhoek, near Cape Town.

The fish are then smoked or cured before being taken to stores or eateries or exported to countries including Namibia, Zimbabwe and Mauritius.

“The water in Lesotho is of an especially high quality and we smoke our fish in kilns using woodchips,” said Three Streams marketing manager Jessica Van Rensberg. “This ensures the highest standards for our produce.

“At the show we are meeting people from the food service industries and already I have two pages of leads to follow up. We also like to educate people about salmon and trout and talk to them about our sustainable production methods.”

Visitors can have a taste of the produce of Three Streams at stand D1.

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