Promoting South African food and drink across the world is the aim of the Indian Ocean Export Company which is currently showcasing the range of goods it offers at Africa’s Big 7.

The company acts as the means by which the country’s top brands can reach a much wider market – whether by supply shops specialising to the requirements of expats or reaching new markets across the Middle East.

On show at the event are wines, biscuits, confectionary and teas from suppliers across the country.

“We export to 15 countries across Africa as South African goods are in demand for their quality,” said executive sales manager Wim Van Vlaenderen (pictured).

“They are on a par with those from places such as Europe and the USA.

“We have come to the show as we felt that there would be importers from Africa and Asia and from those we have met the response has been a positive one.”

The company exports the brands it represents to “anywhere there are South Africans” to give expats a taste of home in places such as the UK, USA, Canada and New Zealand.

But, along with countries across the rest of Africa, it has markets in Hong Kong, Singapore and Malaysia and the Arabian Gulf countries, such as the United Arab Emirates, Kuwait and Bahrain.
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