Setup in 1989, Three Streams is known for its top quality fish harvested from the Franschhoek Mountains in the Cape and it has chosen Africa Big 7 to show its new imported fish.

Three Streams will be showing some new fish to these shores and offering some old favourites from the freshwaters of Norway.

First there's Tilapa farmed in Indonesia
  • ASC certified and SASSI green listed
  • Variants:Whole 700g – 900g.Fillets 160g – 180g (boneless and skinless)
Then Basa farmed in Vietnam.
  • Frozen raw Basa fish fillet
  • Untreated (no added phosphates) and ASC certified
  • Skinless and boneless fillets
  • Variants:Fillets 120g – 170g
And Three Streams will be showing its new Hot smoked Salmon and Trout fish cakes:
  • Total fish content of 78%.5% ciabatta crumbs and fresh herbs
  • Ready-to-eat
  • Can be served cold or warmed up
Jessicca Van Rensburg, Marketing Manager of Three Streams said: “We only procure superior grade Atlantic salmon, flying fresh fish in from Norway twice a week. We also ship large quantities of frozen Atlantic salmon from Norway (Norwegian salmon) throughout the year. This high quality fish is used for cold and hot smoking, ensuring a product of uncompromising quality.When we order fish they are healthy, alive & swimming.”
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“The fish is bred right and raised right in the best troutproducing country, you can taste the difference due tothe exceptional water quality.Our trout is on the SASSI green list and sustainable’.

The company says it also uses the traditional method and their secret recipe to ensure quality fish. “When Salmon and Trout arrive at the Smokehouse in Franschhoek we hand select the best fish for curing using traditional methods and our secret recipe of 25 years. We then rest the cured sides for at least 12 hours to allow the secret blend to gently mature.”

Three Streams Smokehouse are wholesale suppliers of quality smoked, chilled and frozen salmon, trout and premium seafood products to the food service and retail industry.

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