The wide range of exhibitors taking part in Africa’s Big 7, The Hotel Show and SAITEX have given a boost to the business of an innovative UK-based company.

Qbag manufacture foil bags which wrap around food which can then be cooked on a barbeque or in an oven. The company was drawn to exhibit in South Africa because of the countries “braai culture”.

“Our biggest market is still the UK but we want to move into Africa,” said sales director Sonia Ginty (pictured being interviewed above). “As well as South Africa we have been speaking to people from Botswana, Mozambique and Nigeria.

“This show has been on our radar for a number of years but first we needed to acquire a local distributor, which we have now done. What it has given us is access to so many different markets, retail, food service, leisure and hospitality.

“To be honest I have never been to a show where we have all these markets covered. We have also had a great quality of response. In fact, the best ever.”

Qbags (from barbeque) were invented 17-years-ago and the product itself is manufactured in Vietnam. It is aimed at those who want to eat outdoors, with hikers and campers among its target consumers.

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