Mertsan Gida ve Iht. Mad. San. ve Tic. A.S.


Our production adventure which has started in 1992 at 1.000 meter square closed area with two machine and a team, by today, has changed into a high capacity factory equipped with full automatic machines that has 12.000 meter square area performing in line with Turkish Quality Standards caring sterilization during production. Our production is made untouched at sterilized environment and our products are produced according to Turkish food codex, Our company that has operations in many branches of food industry has just been broadening its line of production by increasing its industry branches. Our main manufacturing branches are all types of chewing and bubblegum, chocolate beans, dragee candy,lollipops,soft candy and wafer rolls. Our company has been exporting its products to many countries up to now and day by day it has been increasing its export quantity, As a developing company, our main purpose is to bring new methods at best conditions and perpetuate the initial business venture, we always carry on making our best in every chance.

Mertsan Gida ve Iht. Mad. San. ve Tic. A.S.

Where and When




19 Richard Drive, Midrand,
Johannesburg, 1685

Gallagher Convention Centre is one of Africa's largest conference and exhibition venues. Located in Midrand, between Pretoria and Johannesburg, Gallagher is conveniently positioned in the business hub of Gauteng and is the ideal location.


Security monitored parking is available in an open air opposite the venue as well as behind Hall 5.

The cost per day is R20.


Sunday 25 JUNE 2017
Monday 26 JUNE 2017
Tuesday 27 JUNE 2017
10:00 - 17:00
10:00 - 17:00
10:00 - 16:00